Saturday, August 27, 2016

Stella dress

Mesh by Salem download it - here 
!Note! Mesh is not available for download for a long time now.
So I decided to upload it from my mods folder.

My recolor - Rihanna white house outfit


  1. Hey, i was looking for the mesh. The dress is gorgeous. Can you help? :)

    1. Hi. Thank you) I will upload the mesh later today when I'm back home from work. As I went to check and unfortunately salem's wixsite not exist anymore.

    2. Mesh is uploaded in the post... no photo but it is a beautiful very classy dress.

  2. Oh Wow, thank you so so much for the quick help. What a beautiful mesh too. Now I have two gorgeous dresses. Looks amazing in game too! I discovered your stuff yesterday and went into a cc frenzy. I love your stuff! The Mexico series is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and creativity with us! <3