Monday, January 16, 2017

Ethnic deco

17 items
15 new meshes by me


RAR archive 
includes - 8 items: 
coconut and cowrie shell wall deco
coconut mirror
coconut candle
coconut shell candle
coconuts bathroom decor
cowrie shell basket
vase coconut
vase half coconut

RAR archive
includes - 2 items
woven rug
pillows V2

RAR archive
includes - 3 items
butternut vase yellow
butternut vase green
wall deco plate

RAR archive
includes - 4 items
basket woven rainbow big
basket woven rainbow small
basket woven rainbow tall
basket woven on legs


  1. hello you can help me I am not able to download the items of the pack Rainbow woven baskets the others of this set I was able to download you have another link to make available? please