Saturday, November 19, 2016


  1. So cute! WCIF those long flared pants?

  2. Thank you! The lovely pants by AllAboutStyle I'll look for a link now.

  3. Here it is -
    absolutely must have pants. On a page 2 you also can find other pants from my pic.

  4. When I click the download button, I get a red screen that tells me that the website is unsafe and may attempt to steal my financial information. Kinda creepy, just saying. I wouldn't download these.

    1. I use for my links as it is looks more friendly to me then the others link shorteners. I believe it is should be safe all "damage" is they offer you to look at the adds for the 5 second then click - skip ad button on the top-right corner to direct you to download page - SimFileShare in my case. If you don't trust them anyway I recommend you to use adblock and of course never give to anyone your financial information.
      Sorry for unpleasant experience(( But thank you for the interest in my creations.