Sunday, November 13, 2016

Flower beard
T-shirt, tank top and hoodie vest for him


18 Maxis match beards with flowers
new mesh by me
facial hair category
(some shapes of chin need to be scaled a bit for the flowers to sits perfect)

15 swatches. New mesh by me.

34 swatches
SPA Day required

15 swatches
Maxis match
New mesh by me


  1. OH the beardy tee Shirts .. I die! I (am) was on a self imposed download moratorium .. they broke my resolve. I have a story about an enchanted bear who is just now "unenchanted" and he is a bearded hottie ... the bearded bear Tee is PERFECTION! He will wear that a LOT! TY :)

    1. I'm glade you found it useful ;) and sorry about your "...self imposed download moratorium" ))

  2. The male who's posing for your clothing, whats his hair and facial hair? It looks so good.

    1. I put for download recently on my tumblr together with his cc wich include the hair and facial hair if you willing to download this is a link -
      ... or I will look for the links tomorrow if you want, it is deep night here))

    2. Ok I had a look- the hair file name is - LumiaLoverSims_CombedParted -
      Facial hair file name is - BLVCK-L-S_FacialHair11 ... I checked it is no links on his tumblr anymore unfortunately but you can ask him personally there -

    3. Was surprisingly easy to find. Thanks for the help! :D

  3. Your contents are so beautiful !!!! Do you have the links for the AlphaHair ?

  4. Where did you get the hair on the second row? The guy with the black hair?